DUAR owns industrial systems and equipment for the full production line, from raw materials to finished products. Along the years our extensive research has enabled us to specialise in several areas, including printing and extrusion of plastic, production of articles in synthetic and natural fibres, design and realisation of new items with our own customised machinery. The full control of all the production phases ensures we deliver the best quality products.

We are very proud of our 70-year old history, which enables us to understand our clients’ needs and offer highly personalised and customised products.

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All our products are shipped all over the world from our factory.

We have recently created a special area for distribution on behalf of partner companies, so that we can benefit from online sales and promotions in addition to the traditional channels.

We customise products to suit the various sales channels, from shops to wholesale and professional users.

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To be closer to the final consumer we have established our presence in the internet, with our e-commerce websites and social media pages. There we can be in touch with our clients’ needs and assist them in choosing the most suitable products.

We have an office dedicated to the study of web marketing and IT strategies, which promotes our products and those of our partner companies.

Through our e-commerce websites we can follow closely the distribution to private users and service wholesalers and professional retailers.

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DUAR has valued sustainability as a primary part of the production process for a very long time.

We value our environment and the quality of life, therefore we study and develop products that display high quality and durability. Our range includes products that are completely ecological and sustainable, realised with low environmental impact technologies.

We believe we must keep improving to contribute to a more liveable environment for us and for the future generations.